Ariana Grande’s “Thank U, Next” Is A Love Song Not A Diss Track

Ariana Grande graced us with another bop this past weekend, and I couldn’t be more in love with the song. She names all her former loves and her feelings about them with a big giant “Thank you, but I’m finally moving on”.

It’s a beautiful message to be able to let go of past hurt and finally be at peace. However, I’ve been seeing a lot of folks (who love the song, undoubtedly) describe it as a diss track and something extremely petty.

“Thank U, Next” is a love song to herself. She is able to forgive herself, acknowledge her worth and move on from pain and anger she harbored toward any of her exes.

One taught me love
One taught me patience
And one taught me pain
Now, I’m so amazing
I’ve loved and I’ve lost
But that’s not what I see
So look what I got
Look what you taught me

After Ariana and former fiancée, Pete Davidson, ended their brief engagement, a vicious rumor spread that Pete sent naked photos of Ariana to the late Mac Miller. Fortunately, the rumor was immediately squashed, and both Pete and Ariana have wished the other well.

However, people’s response to the rumor and how quickly the rumor was able to spread raise interesting questions about what we think  a break up really means.

Breaking up doesn’t have to be a big explosion where you yell and scream and fight. Although, it’s depicted often in film, TV, and social media as a giant theatrical production, break ups can be healthy and civil. There doesn’t even have to be a single defining moment to give you a reason to end your relationship with someone. Breaking up can be something as simple as this relationship is no longer serving either one of us so I think it’s best to part ways.

Thank you, Ariana, for imparting your wisdom and growth on your fans. And teaching us that you can always just walk away and move on.