8 Reasons You Should Break Up With Him

Hopefully this will be the push you need to make the right choice. We’ve all known we should break up with someone, but we didn’t have concrete reasons. Here are your reasons!

1. He’s a poor communicator.

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Communication is the foundation of a relationship. If you can’t talk to your significant other, then what is your relationship based on? A long lasting healthy relationship isn’t based on just the physical, and you need good dialogue and conversation to sustain it. There will be good times and bad times, but to make it through the bad times, you need good communication skills or a willingness to try.

2. You don’t feel like you can confide in him.

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Imagine that your friend constantly blabbed everything you told her or made you feel terrible about something deeply personal, you’d probably stop being her friend. Why don’t we extend that same mindset to our boyfriends?

3. He feels threatened by your success.

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If a man is threatened by your success, it’s probably because he’s insecure. He could be insecure with the projection of his own life or even just insecure with his own masculinity. Real men are comfortable with the strength and success of their partners.

4. He doesn’t like your family.

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Given your family members aren’t racist serial killers, they’re probably going to be a part of your life until the day you die. They have nurtured you and have cared for you, and you love them. If your partner doesn’t like them, that could mean a future in which you don’t see your family as much or you’re constantly choosing him over them.

5. You sacrifice your friendships to be with him.

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Friends are so important. They were there before him, and they’ll be there for you after him.

6. He gets in the way of you reaching your goals.

not in my house block GIF by easyCredit Basketball Bundesliga-downsized_large.gif

If a boyfriend gets in the way of doing what makes you happy, they don’t really love you.

7. Your values and beliefs are completely different.

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I see this happen so often in interracial relationships, especially with black women and white men. They get deep into the relationship, and out of the blue they find their boyfriend’s confederate flag and swastika memorabilia. It’s okay to have a few differences of opinions, but some beliefs and values are really important to who we are and affect the ways in which we live and interact with the world. Is that something you want to change or sacrifice? If the answer is no, push it and keep it moving.

8. And lastly, you constantly think about breaking up with him.

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Don’t ever ignore your gut. If you feel like things aren’t right, then they probably aren’t. This could have nothing to do with your boyfriend. You may be going through your own internal struggle and need some time to be alone. Be fair to both you and your partner and end things.

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