How to Stop Dating Guys You’re Not Really Dating

Are you in a situationship? Take the quiz below to find out!

  1. Does he say he’s unbothered when a guy texts your phone but displays all the proper signs of being bothered?
  2. Does he tell you all about his friends and family, but he’s never actually introduced you to any of them?
  3. When you go shopping and you see something he would really like, do you ignore it because it might be a little weird to get him a present?
  4. Has he broken up with you even though he was never your boyfriend?
  5. Does he forget your middle name, but knows your favorite color?

If you answered yes to one or or more of the questions above, you might be in a situationship. If you answered yes to all of them, then God bless you.

For those of you who aren’t familiar with the term, allow me to be the one to break it down.

The situationship is a bunch of bulls*t. It’s used to describe two people who like each other. Maybe they have a really good physical relationship, maybe they spend a lot of alone time together, but they just don’t do a damn thing about it. They’re not quite a relationship, but “just friends” is an understatement.

I am the queen of the situationship.

I have been in several in my short 22 years of life, and boy oh boy are they a complete waste of your precious time.

You’re in a constant state of insecurity wondering if this person is really into you.

You can date other people but not really because you kinda sorta got a man.

And people don’t think you’re available so they pass you on by.

The craziest thing about a situationship is that you don’t even know you’re in one. I had gone all these years not knowing the state that I was in (a serial situationshipper), and once I figured it out…. My. Mind. Was. Blown.

But don’t fret there’s an easy way to get out of the stuationship.

Talk it out.

The situationship can be easily resolved with a little good old fashioned conversation. Ask the person how they feel about the state of your relationship. Do they want more? Do they want less? And be reflective about what you want. Do you want more? Do you want less? The answers may surprise you.

Situationships are ephemeral, but leaving things unsaid will make them feel like an eternity.

Be bold. And get what you want out of life. You’re too great not to.

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