The Best Tinder Date I Ever Went On

So a long time ago, I wrote a post about the Worst Date I Ever Went On. Coincidentally, it happened to be a Tinder date. That guy was too forward, too presumptuous, and too much of fool to think I was gonna let him all up in my goodies on the first date. And he was the epitome of the kind of guys I’ve met on Tinder… Disgusting.

But I was looking back on all my posts, and I realized that I only tell you all about the f**kboys I go out with. I don’t share the good stories, and I don’t want folks out here thinking Chelsea gets no luck with the fellas. Every once in a while I land on a four leaf clover, and I go on a good date.

Sophomore year at the prime of my Tinder Swiping days, I was casually swiping through the hombres. I’m not particularly picky when it comes down to looks. I’m more about personality. But that’s not something you can infer from swiping left and right so I get a little picky on the actual presentation of the profiles I swipe. (If you haven’t seen my rules to finding love via dating apps, click here.) I loathe mirror selfies, gym photos, shirtless pics. etc. etc.

I came across this guy who had a picture of him lying in a ball pit. And it wasn’t him just jumping in the ball pit. It was a zoomed in image of his face lying in a pit of colorful balls. Weird. He had a picture of Guy Fieri. Weird. And he had a black and white picture of himself in a Hawaiian style t-shirt. Not weird. But he looked like Tim the Tool Man Taylor. Weird.

I have no idea what was going through my mind, but I think ya girl might have been desperate. (My university has been lacking in fine socially conscious men since the beginning of its existence). So I swiped him right, and we instantly matched. I didn’t think we would match because he was a white guy, and I figured he wasn’t checking for black women, but he “ain’t got no type.” He just likes “bad b*****s”. We matched and he sent me a message.

This kid was weird right off the bat. He texted me in this weird short hand. Instead of saying “that” he would say “dat” or instead of “very” he would write “v”. I thought, “Damn. This kid thinks, he black or something.” Turns out he’s just very to the point in his messages.

On the same day he messaged me, he asked me what I was doing later that night.  I told him I was watching Netflix. (Two years later, all I do on a Friday night is watch Netflix). To which he responded, “Oh, I was gonna see if you wanted to hang out tonight.”

Again, ya girl must’ve been desperate because I told him yes. He then responded, “omg, really?” He was utterly shocked that I wanted to hang out with him. That should’ve been some kind of red flag. Ladies, don’t be like me. Recognize red flags. I guess it was fine this one time because it actually worked out for me. We had a great time!

I let my roommate know where I was going. Safety first. And later that night, he picked me up.

Y’all when I tell you this boy was all kinds of fine, I mean it! He was exactly my type. He had on this cute oversized sweater, dark brown hair, big glasses, looking all hipster and s**t. I told him as soon as I got in the car that he was much more handsome in person, and he blushed. He actually blushed. I’m totally into that modest s**t. Humility is a great sign.

We planned for a date at Mission Bay Park. Now normally in the world of youth, the park at 8 o’clock is primetime for sexual activity. I thought about this. But he seemed really interested in genuine conversation.

We walked up the pier. He bought me one of those little Jarritos drinks. And we just swayed on the swings. He was a film major. Hot. He was part Brazilian and knew a little Portuguese. Hot. And he was. Down. For. The. Cause. Hot. Hot. Hot!

We were swinging on the swings, and he told me this crazy story about when he was a kid, he tired swinging over the top of the rail and literally cracked his skull open. Again, I thought this was weird, but we got really honest and vulnerable with one another very quick. And it was a cute personal anecdote.

I liked him instantaneously. I won’t lie. My heart was pounding. My palms were sweating. I was doing all those incredibly cliche and corny things you do when you meet somebody you’re really into.

We were standing on opposite sides of one of those giant hump things in the sand that kids stand on top of and pretend they’re superheroes. He leaned in. I leaned in. He put his hand on mine. I slid my hand closer. We were dancing around the idea of kissing one another, uncertain if that’s what the other wanted. And then… he just kissed me.

And I mean really kissed me. The sort of stuff you see in movies. I’m talking Notebook. It’s honestly the best kiss I’v ever had, and I hope that everyone gets to experience a kiss as good as this one. Even as I’m writing this right now, I can’t stop myself from smiling because it was such an amazing moment.

Afterwards, we totally made out in the back seat of his car like the teenagers we were. BUT he held my hand the entire time he drove me back home. Precious.

We dated for quite a few months after that. It was a summer romance that eventually had to come to an end. I knew it wouldn’t last. He went to school in Boston, but it didn’t end on a bad note. It just wasn’t meant to be forever, and that was okay. People come in out of your life as you need them, not as you want them.

And I think I needed him to show me what it’s like to be swept away by another person. To fall for someone’s spirit and not their body. To be a giddy teenager something I never really got the chance to do in high school.

So that date with him was the best tinder date I ever went on – probably the best date I ever went on in my short lived life of 21 years.

Here’s to more good dates! Here’s to great ones!

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