Being Green is Being Broke

Growing up, my mom was big on saving electricity. I remember sitting in the living room one night with the lights on. I had a plate of spaghetti, and I was watching a movie on my laptop. My mom struts her way down stairs, turns off the lights, and says, “You don’t need light to eat. You know where your mouth is.” Yes, Mom. I am clearly aware of the location of my mouth, but I still can’t see the plate. For the rest of the night I had to rely on the dim glow of my computer screen to guide my eating. And when I even thought about turning the light on, my mother was right around the corner… waiting…. waiting to cuss my ass out.

My mom has been pretty much conservative with all our utility needs. I had to wash dishes in cold water, take short showers, and never ever touch the AC without her permission. But why you ask? Was she really concerned abut the environment? Hellllllll no. My mother honestly couldn’t have cared less about the environment. That’s not your primary focus when you’re a working parent. It was because she had an electrical bill to pay, and she couldn’t have us wasting her money which is why I’m so baffled by this whole sustainability thing. Growing up, I thought you were naturally conscientious about how much water you used or electricity you burned. Why would anyone ever be so wasteful? But now that I’m older I realize that that’s not a question that all people think about.

Sustainability is for the rich. Being wasteful is luxury. If you have the money to let the water run for 10 minutes while it “warms” up, you got money, bruh. We tell people to conserve energy and save water, but who is using this water and who is really wasting this energy?

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