Why I’m Not Trippin’ About Kylie Jenner

I don’t really care to follow the lives of reality TV stars, but people seem to be very concerned with Kylie Jenner as of recent. “Her lips aren’t real.” “Her butt’s injected with silicone.” “She’s taking bronzed instagram selfies.” Oh the hysteria. I don’t doubt the validity of some of the commentary. And I do understand why people are upset (cultural appropriation is real), but why are we giving her this much attention? Kylie Jenner is a child… like an actual child. She’s 17 years old, and chances are she’s going to screw up a lot because let’s face it 17 is the biological age for screwing up. She lives publicly in the shadow of several beautiful women. For years, Kylie Jenner has been the ugly sister, being compared consistently with Kendall. So how can you not expect her to alter herself to please the masses?

Now, I’m completely against the purchasing of black bodies, and I’m not excusing her for her recent changes in image. Kylie went from Plain Jane to Video Vixen real quick, but you cannot get mad at a monster society created. Maybe if people stopped comparing her to her sister, she could feel confident enough to be her own person. Maybe if people stopped fetishsizing black female bodies, she would stop trying to be Black. I mean… ya’ll can get mad at her all you want. I won’t tell you how to live your life, but I have bigger fish to fry.

I’m getting mad at the big cultural appropriators (Iggy Azalea). I’m getting mad at the media for telling us what type of beauty is “in.”  I’m getting mad at society. I’m getting mad at the system.

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