Cards Against Humanity, Vaginas, and Other Fun Stuff

So… I think we should talk about vaginas for a second. (But not in the way you’re thinking, ya nasty.) I had the opportunity to be apart of this really great conversation about sexual health earlier this week, and it had me thinking that when it comes down to the downstairs region people are seriously ignorant. Scary ignorant. Prime example:

Last year, I roomed in the same residence hall as this super naive girl. She lived in a post-racial-boys-don’t-rape-because-things-are-perfect bubble, and she prided herself on her virginity. I’m all for thinking positively and living a “pure” life. I’m not knocking her down for that, but just because you’re a virgin doesn’t mean you get a free pass to not understand the basic building blocks of life.

We were playing Cards Against Humanity (which for anyone who has ever played knows gets a little raunchy), and she pulled a card that said “clitoris.” She read the card aloud, and the question that followed will forever haunt me. “What’s a clitoris?” And my only response was “Girl, how do you have one and not know what it is?”

I was in utter disbelief, so being the good Samaritan that I am,  I drew a diagram. I included all major parts, and I was proud of my little vagina model. However, it made this girl very uncomfortable, and I stopped. Why is it that we’re so afraid to talk about our own body parts? It’s your vagina! Own it! You can talk about it when you want and not be demonized for it. It’s essential to know everything about your body whether you’re having sex or not. It’s like owning house and not realizing that you’ve had a basement for 20 years. You don’t know what crazy shit could be creeping down there.

But it’s not her fault. It’s the way most of us have been raised. We’re taught that sex is taboo, and even if you ARE having it, you shouldn’t talk about it. If you’re sleeping with a person, and you can’t be bold enough to ask him/her the basics because you’re embarrassed, (Have you been tested? Are we exclusive? How many partners have you had? etc.) then chances are you probably shouldn’t be having sex.

STD’s and pregnancy are totally preventable if we have the right information. Whether you’re not having sex at all or sleeping with everyone you meet, you need to know everything so you can make a clear decision because the physical and emotional consequences of being intimate with another person are massive. When did educating yourself become so uncool?

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